14 March 2017. m. Lviv, Lviv regional meeting of the Endocrine Society, which was devoted to laboratory diagnostics in multivariate management strategies endocrine diseases. About 60 spetsialistiv- endocrinologists from the city. Lviv region got acquainted with innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine pathologies, communicate and share experiences with colleagues, increase their theoretical knowledge on the above issues.

zasidannia lvivskoho oblasnoho endokrynolohichnoho tovarystva

 With the speaker was Head of endocrine diseases prevention Ukrainian Research Center of endocrine surgery, endocrine transplantation of organs and tissues of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Professor Vladimir Pankiv, which noted the need for early diagnosis of endocrine diseases. Test results needed to clarify the diagnosis, detection of lesions orhaniv- targets, cardiovascular complications, further optimization tactics treatment and prevention of further complications. Vladimir said that this package offers laboratory studies are noteworthy because before treat - full information about the patient's condition.

The complex offers laboratory diagnostics for endocrinologists from ML "Esсulab" will:

  • Evaluate thyroid function
  • diagnose thyroid autoimmune processes
  • monitoring the effectiveness of treatment of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • monitoring and suppression of recurrence of thyroid cancer thyroid
  • the question of the need for the appointment of iodine preparations
  • differential diagnosis of disorders of physical and sexual development
  • diagnosis of menstrual cycle
  • galaktorei diagnosis causes prolactin and growth
  • assessment of the parathyroid gland
  • assessment of the level of iodine in the body.

 Professor VI Pankiv spoke about vitamin D deficiency as important for Ukrainian problem. In determining the level of vitamin D in the blood serum of the Ukrainian population, reported normal levels of only 4.6% failure - at 13.6%, the deficit - to 81.8%. The effects of D-defitsytu- often serious condition disability, often fatal cardiovascular events. Deficiency of vitamin D leads to the emergence of not only metabolic calcium and phosphorus, degenerative changes of bone, rickets, osteoporosis, worsening occurrence of diabetes, but also to serious conditions such as intellectual and physical underdevelopment children, 62% increased risk of cardiovascular problems .

The interest aroused participants information package offers laboratory studies of ML "Esсulab":

  • Packet №10.9 "Diagnosis of diffuse toxic goiter" (TSH, T3 ox., T4 ox., JSC rTTH)
  • Packet №10.12 "diagnosis of malignant thyroid tumors" (thyroglobulin, calcitonin)
  • Packet №10.11 "Monitoring of thyroid cancer" (thyroglobulin, antibodies to TG)
  • Packet number 10.13 "Monitoring of thyroid cancer in the postoperative period" (TSH, T4 ox., TG, AT to TG)
  • Packet №10.5 "Pathology of the parathyroid gland" and blood electrolytes.
  • Packet №18.2 «Effect of D-deficiency in reproductive age women" (AMG, 25-OH vitamin D)
  • Pack №55 «Testing for vitamin D deficiency" (25-OH vitamin D, calcium is ionized, phosphorus).