We found eight areas of western Ukraine. Below is a complete list of laboratories:

Medical laboratory Esculab

vulytsya Krasovsʹkoho, 26, Khmelʹnytsʹkyy, Khmelʹnytsʹka oblastʹ, 29000

Phone: 097 231 9083

Blood collection: Mon.-Fri. Collection of B\M 8.00-15.00 Opened until 17.00 Sat. Closed

Medical laboratory Esculab

prospekt Hrushevsʹkoho, 21v, Kamʺyanetsʹ-Podilʹsʹkyy, Khmelʹnytsʹka oblastʹ, 32300

Phone: 097 104 3617

Blood collection: Mon.-Sat. Collection of B\M 9.00-17.00 Sun. Collection of B\M 10.00 to 14.00

How to get to the laboratory "Eskulab"