DC "Esculab Kids" knows where children want to take analyzes (tests) !!!

For every parent, the life and health of their own children are more important than everything, which is why all well-informed mothers and dads often resort to laboratory research. The development level of modern laboratory technologies and, in general, the development of all branches of medicine, make it possible not only to treat already existing illnesses but also to reliably control the health of the child, regularly undergoing laboratory researchers. After all, prevention is always more effective than treatment. In addition, you will save a lot if you always monitor the health of your children through preventive laboratory researches.

But often parents ask the same question: are there diagnostic centers and laboratories for children, especially infants, in Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Chernivtsi, or other Ukrainian cities?

The Diagnostic Center "Esculab" is well aware that parents always feel anxiety when it comes to blood tests (analyzes) from the vein because there is no need for any level of staff experience and the accuracy of the laboratory tests results. Most laboratory manipulations are partially uncomfortable for adults, and what to say about children.

Eskulab kids

"Esculab" changes the standards of children's service: give the tests while playing !!!

Just because the Esculab DC cares for our youngest patients, since the beginning of October 2016, there are 14 Esculab kids manipulative offices in Ukraine. We have convincing advantages that will help parents to make sure their children are in safe hands:

  • professional nurses working exclusively with children;
  • all necessary equipment and tools for taking the tests in infants, young children, adolescents *under 16 years of age;
  • reception of children from the first days of life;
  • guarantee of the results reliability;
  • game corner;
  • each child is awarded a diploma "For Bravery";
  • loyal prices for laboratory services;
  • availability of discounts and a variety of service packages that allow you to save.

Specially equipped manipulative offices "Esculab Kids", which will gladly meet you and your children, are located in Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne and Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and other Ukrainian cities (full list of cities and points of the sampling).

  1. Lviv, vul. Mazepy, 25b, phone: 0960012382
  2. Lviv, vul. Chuprynky, 38, phone: 0967545332
  3. Lutsk, prospect Voli, 12, phone: 0961576877
  4. Rivne, vul. Chornovola, 1, phone: 0688345736
  5. Ivano-Frankivsk, vul. Gorbachevskogo, 50, phone: 0685360843
  6. Ivano-Frankivsk, vul. Chornovola 52/3, phone: 0687479079
  7. Chernivtsi, vul. Sadova, 6, phone: 0667937517; 0985476388
  8. Chernivtsi, vul. Trepko (Boyarka), 1a, phone: 0960012381
  9. Chortkiv city, vul. Bandery, 38, phone: 0685096185
  10. Drohobych, vul. L. Ukrainka, 134, phone: 0975108959
  11. Sambir, vul. Shevchenko, 5, phone: 0960012380
  12. Novoyavorivsk, vul. Shevchenko, 13, phone: 0679891008
  13. Mostyska, vul. Peremyshlyanskaya, 1, phone: 0969873173

For additional confidence in the correctness of choosing a diagnostic center for your child, we will share the results of our work: in just 11 months of our specialized diagnostic centers, Esculab kids, we met and carried out the necessary manipulations for 25,181 patients (0-16 years old).

Trust the children's health control only to the professionals of their affair, DC "Esculab kids" - because quality is in our blood.