Сall a nurse home from the DC "Esculab" is not only a convenient additional service but also a new level of patient care in the field of laboratory diagnostics. Patients in hurry, disadvantaged and elderly citizens or people with disabilities, pregnant women who need to remain calm, young children, etc., all of these patients have the right to quality medical care and laboratory diagnosis.

How to call a nurse home?

You can call a nurse home independently for yourself, as well as reveal care for your family and friends. It is only necessary to leave an application on the laboratory's website below, or call the nearest DC "Esculab" and make it clear if there is such a possibility at your own address. You also need to specify which kind of laboratory services you need.

Advantages of the service Calling a nurse home from DC "Esculab":

  • You do not need to transport a patient to a diagnostic center.
  • You choose a date that is convenient for you.
  • A nurse's home calling will take place the day after the confirmation of the application.
  • The analysis of the home is carried out quickly and without queues.
  • You avoid contact with other patients in the transport or diagnostic center.
  • Get an impeccable and reliable laboratory diagnostic service without leaving your home.

The service of the collection of material at home is charged.

  • The cost of a call - 170 UAH (without VAT).
  • The cost of calling a day in a day - 200 UAH (without VAT).
  • The cost of calling out of the city within a radius of 20 km - 280 UAH.

Applications are accepted daily, except Saturday and Sunday: Monday-Friday - 8:00 - 18:00

The analysis of the home is carried out from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00.

WARNING! In case of processing an electronic application with you on the specified phone will necessarily contact the Administrator of the departure service home and clarify all the information.

If you have decided to cancel the call for some reason, please let us know about your decision in advance.