The team is the basis of the DC “Esculab” success.

Caring for the staff (qualification, motivation, professional and career progress) - one of the priorities of the company.

The main value of our diagnostic center is the employees who are able to develop the company and improve with it.

For those who seek a new and better and not used to stop on an achieved, for our great team all conditions are created: multilevel system of training and professional development enables to improve and move steadily up the career ladder. Together with the company, employees grow, enriching their knowledge, experience, skills and abilities.

Employees of the company are officially registered and receive official salary. Complete social package in accordance with current legislation. Care of the team (qualification of staff, motivation, professional growth) - the priority task of the company. Successful implementation of individual and corporate training programs, employee personality development, and development of managerial skills. If you are motivated to achieve high performance and competent in their field, will be glad to see you in our team of professionals. We invite you to join our team!

In connection with the company's development, the diagnostic center "Esculab" needs a vacancy:

  • Manipulation Nurse Lviv.
  • Medical Administrator Lviv

If you are interested in one of the vacancies we offered:

  • Call: tel.: +38(098) 515 18 47 Oksana (10:00- 17:00), except weekends;
  • Send CV to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for the interest shown to our diagnostic center!