Children are the most valuable treasure in this world, and when there is an opportunity to engage in good deeds and saving lives of the youngest patients, need to be made every possible effort. That is why the Esculab Diagnostic Center is primarily concerned about the youngest clients.

Unfortunately, it happened that in the Kolomyia Children's Hospital immediately two respiratory devices were out of order, but there was no money in the hospital for urgent repairs. It is not necessary to explain to anyone that the life of children who came to this world prematurely or with respiratory problems or because of the disease that requires artificial respiration depends on the proper functioning of this equipment.

The network of DC "Esculab", which is represented in the city of Kolomyia, could not help but respond to the signals of help. We take an active part in fundraising for the Kolomyia Children's Hospital and encourage all those who are not indifferent.

Give a child a chance to live! Children are ours all !!!


Kolomyis’ka Central Regional Hospital

Recipient code: 25596594

Account: 31553364133562

Sort code: 836014

Purpose of payment: To repair the respiratory apparatus for children's resuscitation

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