Responsibility - this is the main credo of the team "Esculab"

We are responsible for the results reliability, the results delivery in accordance with clearly defined terms. Doctors should receive results that help to establish a reliable diagnosis and provide effective treatment. All researches and tests should be performed by highly skilled personnel on state-of-the-art equipment, with quality reagents. Our employees should receive a salary that will guarantee them confidence in the present and future. We should be profitable to ensure that all of the above requirements are met impeccably. Competition in our market of services should be exclusively ethical. We respect our competitors as they help us to grow, improve, point our disadvantages.

Main tasks in quality area:

  • Ensuring the researches quality and reliability which are carried out by the diagnostic center "Esculab";
  • Personal responsibility of all levels employees for the quality of their activity;
  • Preventing of lowering the quality of research and customer service;
  • Compliance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • Systematic personnel training;
  • Ensuring control of the all stages work process, carried out by the company;
  • Ensuring the independence of the quality system from the influence of external and internal factors.

Ways to achieve the tasks:

  • Holding information on studying quality satisfaction of consumers, conducted in the diagnostic center "Esculab" researches (effectiveness of the policy in the field of quality is confirmed solely by the positive conclusions of the Customers).
  • Monitoring system and initiating external quality control improves.
  • Ensuring equally high quality of our activities regardless of its amount;
  • Every employee performs results at a high professional level and in accordance with the internal standards of the diagnostic center.
  • Increasing the professional skills of all employees and supporting their interest in providing the required quality level.

The main principles of the diagnostic center "Esculab" are:

  • The highest level quality of researches.
  • The comprehensive system of service and information support.
  • The fastest terms for performing the tests.
  • Optimized logistics.
  • Comfortable conditions for patients.

We are glad to meet you!
Sincerely yours, the "Esculab" team.