About us

About us
Diagnostic Center «ESCULAB»

Our motto is "Quality in our blood" can it be different?

Diagnostic Center "Esculab" has been working for you for almost 10 years. All these years we have been working daily on improvement and development of our services, so that now we can confidently provide quality services in the field of laboratory research throughout Ukraine, guaranteeing the reliability of the result and the comfort of the service.
The history of DC "Esculab" dates back to July 7, 2009, when in Lviv the first medical social laboratory in Ukraine was opened, completely independent of the medical process. The discovery of such an independent diagnostic laboratory has unequivocally highlighted the quality of laboratory research at a new stage and began the new era of European quality services at affordable prices.

Our greatest achievements during this period were the achievements that we made in the first place to control the quality of services for our patients. Every step we have made in the direction of improving was and will be in the future only to ensure that every one of our patients was satisfied with a visit to DC "Esculab".
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Our History


June 07, 2009


First Social Medical Laboratory Esculab Registration


October 14, 2009


The 1st Laboratory Opening in Lviv and the First Social Medical Laboratory Esculab Registration


January 01, 2010


Immunochemical department opening at the Lviv office




New laboratories in Stryi, Ternopil and Ternopil region, also the 2nd branch in Lviv opening


January 11, 2011


The ISO 9001-2009 quality control system has been introduced


2012 - 2013


The Department of Polymerase Chain Reaction and the Department of Cytology at Lviv office opening




New branches in Rivne and Rivne region, Lutsk and Volyn region, Ivano-Frankivsk and region opening




Computer billing system for monitoring optimization by subdivisions implementation and database of patients, doctors and clinics-partners creating




All equipment modernization, totally transition to reagents from leading European manufacturers (Abbott, Siemens, Roche)




New branches in Chernivtsi and region opening, an increase in the number of manipulating offices for the getting of biological material in the territory of 6 regions.




Development of a laboratory information system and the creation of a bank for the storage of biological material




Successful passing accreditation of DC "Esculab" and all its branches, the beginning of the construction of a modern bacteriological laboratory




Obtaining a license for laboratory diagnostics, certification of DC “Esculab”, introduction of interlaboratory quality control


2009 - 2018


During this period successfully opened 114 wide profile departments of laboratory diagnostics in the western part of Ukraine.


2009 - 2017


Over 1,800,000 laboratory researches have been conducted




14 new laboratories for children's departments "Esculab kids" in the western part of Ukraine.



Dyadushko Serhiy
Dyadushko SerhiyGeneral Director
Luhovskyy Stanislav
Luhovskyy StanislavHead doctor
Melʹnyk Denys
Melʹnyk Denys Development Director
Yanukevych Violetta
Yanukevych ViolettaExecutive Director

10 the most successful

achievements of DC «Esculab»

A wide range of laboratory studies and maximum manufacturing capabilities.
We offer more than 400 kinds of laboratory services and have already performed over 1,800,000 researches for our patients.
Numerous network of comfortable manipulation cabinets.
A wide range of laboratory researches.
“Esculab Kids” opening.
The most modern and upgraded laboratory equipment.
Automated transmission of results and bar coding of samples.
Online access to your personal health card 24/7.
Guarantee of correct results.
Training, internship and continuous improvement of the skills of our staff according to European standards.
Permanent loyalty system


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