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Міжнародна організація зі стандартизації

Preparation for testing

Blood test:

To eliminate the factors that may affect the results of the survey, consider the following training:

  • Blood seems only to study on an empty stomach!
  • before handing venous preferably 15 minutes.break;
  • 12 hours prior to the study to exclude alcohol intake, smoking, eating, limit physical activity, avoid medication.If the medication can not cancel, you must notify the laboratory.
  • Children under 5 years before blood donation, must allow to drink boiled water (portions: up to 150-200 ml, for 30 minutes).
  • In the study of reproductive performance bar women must be indicated day of the menstrual cycle or the pregnancy in order to reflect cyclical hormonal fluctuations.
  •  Blood for research - adrenocorticotropic hormone pass to 10:00 on an empty stomach.Before the procedure required a complete physical and emotional rest for 30 to 40 minutes.


Urogenital study:

On the eve of taking material for urogenital study should:

  • for 3 hours to refrain from urinating;
  • deleted within 3 days of sexual intercourse;
  • within 2 weeks of not taking antibiotics;
  • women 3 days before the study excluded douching and vaginal suppositories setting, tablets, tampons;
  • material can not pass during menstruation (only 3 days after its completion);
  • urogenital material is not taken in pregnant virgin.
  • urogenital material does not take children under 18 years.


Research urine:

Before taking the material to conduct a thorough toilet vulva.

Urine must be purchased at any of the offices of DC "Eskulab" special container that provides stability during biomaterial delivery to the laboratory and guarantees the quality of research results.

 Collection of urine in the container provided only in the home / home. 

• for  urinalysis  - all morning portion;

• for  analysis of urine and bacterial seeding nechyporenko  urine - the middle portion of the first morning urine.


  • Biomaterials for  bacterial urine  is delivered to the department DC "Eskulab" (2 hours - in sterile containers. Strictly follow the instructions received in the office of DC "Eskulab." Urine donate to the beginning no earlier than 14 days after completion of antibiotic, antimycotic therapy, unless otherwise provided by a doctor within 24 hours before surrendering not to use local agents.

Cortisol in daily urine:

Preparation for the study:

  • agree with the doctor receiving glucocorticoids, estrogens, oral contraceptives opiates.
  • the day before delivery to exclude physical activity (athletic training).
  • per day for delivery of biomaterial should exclude alcohol intake, for 1 hour- smoking.
  • to maintain stability during the collecting biomaterial used preservative, which must be purchased from the department of DC "Eskulab."

Collection of biological material:

  • into a clean container to collect urine (3L) and add 20 g of boric acid (preservative).Morning portion of urine - in the toilet, all further including the rising portion of the day - in a container of preservative.
  • after the gathering, all urine mix, to determine its exact volume and record.
  • cast 100ml and deliver the department DC "Eskulab" for 2 hours.
  • container with preservative for collection kept in a cool, dark place.

WARNING!  In case of a preservative in skin wash off with plenty of water.Keep out of reach of children.



 Research semen analysis performed in DC "Eskulab" only at:. Lviv street.Pekarska 33 after an appointment by phone 097 395 6070.

Transportation "home" is not subject biomaterial. 


Terms of preparation before the study " C permohrama " :

  • abstinence (abstinence) - from 2 to 7 days;
  • during the second study - the same number of days of sexual abstinence as the first;
  • the refusal of any alcohol for 5 days, taking sleeping pills, sedatives, and other potent drugs ..;
  • eliminate thermal effects on the genital area during the day (to refrain from visiting saunas, baths, taking hot baths, heated seats in the car);
  • conduct research not earlier than 2 weeks after inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract, acute colds and other diseases that are accompanied by increasing temperature;
  • eliminate heavy physical exertion and stress on the eve of the study.


Where violated the rules of preparation for semen, the results will be incorrect and its performance can not be compared with the reference.

 It is important to gather all ejaculate (every drop):

  • the first portion of sperm contains the largest number of sperm;
  • exact determination of volume of ejaculate.

Not recommended to take one day to research ,  which is carried by the material of the urogenital shkribu


Nazotsytohrama (swab from the nose):

  • eve of the studies did not wash and do not rinse your nose;
  • do not bury your nose medicines for 4-5 hours.


Bacteriological research:

Bacteriological urine (brought material):

  • morning careful toilet external genital organs for research use midstream morning urine in a sterile container (purchased in DC "Eskulab").
  • Analysis encouraged to collect before or 14 days after the end of treatment.
  • Catheterization of the bladder is not applicable because it can lead to urinary tract infections.

In the lab "Eskulab" delivered ready material typed at home, in a special container.

Bacteriological sowings of the eye (brought material):

  • taking material from the eye has ophthalmologist;
  • 5-6 hours to taking medication cancel material;
  • for taking material from the conjunctiva using tubes with the environment AMIES (sterile individually packed) with an applicator of propylene with viscose;
  • examination must be both eyes (right, left), which is fixed to the tube.
  • encouraged to collect analysis prior to antibiotic therapy or within 14 days after the end of treatment;
  • taking hold material to eating and drinking or 2 hours after a meal.
  • encouraged to collect analysis prior to antibiotic therapy or within 14 days after the end of treatment;
  • does not bury your nose, do not blow your nose, kids just get wet nose.
  • taking antibiotics or to spend 7 days after the course of antibiotics, or 10 days after a course of biotherapeutic drugs;
  • prior to taking milk processing carried out thorough hands - with soap, better economic and then 70% alcohol or vodka;
  • also treated breasts, nipples and carefully wiping navkolososkovi area with soap and any disinfectant, then ztsidzhuyut milk in sterile plastic or glass container;
  • before taking the material necessary to massage tight areas glands;
  • the first drops of milk necessary Express breast and recycle;
  • to capture material must take two tanks: one collecting milk from the left breast to another collecting milk from the right breast (required mark containers: right / left);

Bacteriological sowings of throat:

  • encouraged to collect analysis prior to antibiotic therapy or within 14 days after the end of treatment;
  • taking hold material to eating and drinking or 2 hours after a meal.

Bacteriological sowings nose:

  • encouraged to collect analysis prior to antibiotic therapy or within 14 days after the end of treatment;
  • taking hold material to eating and drinking or 2 hours after a meal.

Bacteriological sowings milk (brought material):

Each container of milk a tight-fitting lid, packed in separate, clean, disposable bags with locks and delivered in DC "Eskulab."

Preparation for PCR studies:

Research on the oropharynx and buccal scraping:

  • taking material held on an empty stomach or 2-4 hours after eating;
  • before taking the material should rinse your mouth with boiled water.

Studies native material:

Saliva - before taking saliva eliminated meal for 4 hours, use of alcohol and drugs.Before taking the material is held three times over mouthwash saline or boiled water.

Investigation of urine by PCR:

Before the fence urine conduct a thorough toilet vulva:

  • Women in front of a fence urine injected gynecological tampon into the vagina.
  • Men - careful toilet vulva with the opening of the glans penis.
  • For infants - after careful toilet genitals preferably collect urine in a urinal.Urine squeezed out of diapers, the study can not be.Urine is collected in a special container.

Morning urine is collected in a plastic or glass container (sterile disposable container for urine), at least 50-60 ml., Where she will be taken to the laboratory center "Eskulab."

The capacity of the urine tight-fitting lid, placed in a clean, disposable bag and delivered to the laboratory center "Eskulab."

PS store kindly requested to send tests to transfer employees DTS "Eskulab."This will prevent confusion when performing tests in the laboratory.