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Laboratory equipment

Автоматичний імунохімічний аналізатор Abbott  Architect 2000

Automatic immunochemical analyzer Abbott Architect 2000

Using the integrated system and the Abbott Architect 2000 allows you to:

1. Run broad menu of tests with a tube,

2. Reduce time to obtain results,

3. Increase the efficiency of the laboratory.

Performance: from 50 100 tests per hour:

1. Time until the first result: 29 minutes (standard protocol), 16 minutes (abbreviated protocols)

2. 65 positions for samples

3. From 1 to 35 positions for urgent samples.


Thermocyclers / detector mode «RealTime" Rotor- Gene-6000 production CorettResearch, Australia

Termotsyklyuyucha system for precision polymerase chain reaction in real time (Real Time PCR) for detection of the endpoint.

The world's first 6-channel amplification tool in the "real time."

Quantitative PCR analysis is ideal for research on the analysis:

  • Evaluation of gene expression;
  • Determination of genetically modified ingredients;
  • Viral load during infection.

Qualitative PCR analysis:

  • Detection of a wide range of pathogens of infectious diseases;
  • Simultaneous determination of several zbudnykivv biomaterials;
  • Genotyping of microorganisms;
  • Determination of point mutations and genetic polymorphisms.


Immulite 2000 analyzer (Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.), United States


  • fully automated analytical system
  • solid phase method analyzed
  • detektsiyi- method of enzymatically enhanced chemiluminescence
  • testiv- more than 90 menu options 16 diagnostic groups, 450 individual allergens and about 50 panels
  • high analytical sensitivity
  • the number of agents on board to 24
  • dozagruzki and replacement of reagents is done without interrupting the processing of samples.

 Allows you to perform on the same hardware as routine and individual study.

Use Immulite 2000 analyzer offers a unique opportunity to use:

  • Alerhodiahnostyky third generation;
  • A wide range of tests (no other analyzers in the same class, which is now on the world market).

Ideal for research on the analysis:

  • reproductive panel
  • thyroid panel
  • tumor markers
  • infetsiyna panel
  • diagnosis of anemia
  • cytokines
  • cardiovascular markers
  • panel carbohydrate metabolism.