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The network of Esculab laboratories

Medical laboratory "Esculab" is a modern automated laboratory. Laboratory automation is not only the availability of modern analyzers, but also implemented laboratory information system, which ensures the functioning of routine operations, seamless communication with the analyzer, the system of internal quality control and much more is included in the internal processes of the laboratory. In medical laboratories "Esculab" implemented laboratory information system, through which the transmission is automated sample test results from the analyzer to the computer, check them in a single database and forming conclusions form.
For the operation of information systems and computer must have special equipment (devices interact with analyzers, automatic reader blank lines, marked printing labels and barcode readers). Bar coding samples significantly speeds up the process of registration, processing, presentation of results of laboratory testing and minimizes the influence of "human factor" in these stages.
 An important and significant role in quality assurance plays a highly qualified medical staff. Doctors - Medical laboratory technicians "Esculab" learn the latest techniques in laboratory diagnostics, are ongoing training and advice from leading European experts on clinical laboratory diagnostics and professionals internationally recognized medical laboratories. Every year for the entire laboratory staff appraisal conducted, which resulted in the company's management decision on the need for additional training to correct the position of the employee and others.
 Today recognized position of assured quality is the presence of a special enterprise quality management system that meets international requirements. The guidelines set standards ISO 9001: 2009. ISO - International Organization for Standardization, the objectives are: to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world to provide international exchange of goods and services and the development of cooperation in intellectual, scientific, technical and economic fields.
High quality laboratory services allow ML "Esculab" to enter the national market. The company is actively involved in international projects in cooperation with major research organizations, laboratories and large international pharmaceutical companies.